Collection: Handicraft wall decor

Our handicraft wall decor collection showcases traditional folk art styles like Pichwai, Pattachitra, Tholu Bommallata and more. We’ve paired these traditional styles with unconventional canvases and backgrounds to give them a more contemporary appeal. The result is a range of hand painted wall art ranging from wooden decorative items, hand painted wall decor plates and MDF cutouts to traditional paintings, shadow puppets and even miniature musical instruments.

A large part of our handicraft wall decor range is Pichwai wall plates, a concept that we pioneered in 2016 and have been refining ever since. These decorative wall plates are painted in the traditional Pichwai style of Rajasthan and Gujarat, and come in different sizes, colours and themes.

If you’re looking to add some traditional decorative touches to your home, then this collection is a great place to start. And these unique items would even make memorable gifts for special occasions.