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The Holi Procession Pichwai Painting - Krishna & Gopika - 19x27 Inch

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27" x 19" ( H x W )


Hand-painted on canvas

Description : 

The Holi Procession Pichwai Painting - Krishna & Gopika

Pichwai art originated in Deccan and was further refined in Gujarat and Rajasthan (Nathdwara). Pichwai paintings were traditionally hung behind idols of Lord Krishna in temples, and were used as a visual means of narrating stories from his life. Today, the town of Nathdwara in Rajasthan is especially known for this style of painting.

Our Pichwai paintings are usually one-off pieces created by our artist. Some of them even combine Pichwai with other kinds of folk art for something truly unique.

The Procession Pichwai Painting

A Pichwai painting of Procession during a festival of Holi. A simple but stunning composition for both traditional and contemporary settings 

  • Hand-painted on Fabric by Pichwai Folk Artists.

Comes in a roll - Unframed

Being hand painted this product is unique in itself, and its tiny imperfections is what makes it special.

Please note - that the actual colors may vary based on the screen resolution of your device. As per our experience, viewing the products on the desktop is usually  more accurate to the actual colors.  

Instructions for Care:

• Wipe only using a clean soft cloth.
• For Décor purposes only

Timelines for dispatch:

7 to 10 days from the date of payment

Delivery Date: 

5 to 7 days from the date of dispatch