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Set of 2 Shola Jasmine/Mogra Hair Gajra Ornament

Set of 2 Shola Jasmine/Mogra Hair Gajra Ornament

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Shola Jasmine Flower           14" Inches (Length) approximately   

Shola Jasmine Flower bud   10"  Inches (Length) approximately  


 the stem of Sholapith plant

Product Description

Set of 2 Shola Jasmine/Mogra Hair Gajra Ornament 

Shola flowers are made from the stem of the sholapith plant. It is an herbaceous plant, which grows especially in the marshy areas of Bengal, Assam, Odisha, and the Deccan. Sholapith is similar in form to man-made polystyrene foam , but is superior in terms of malleability, texture, lustre and sponginess. They are an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to cut flowers.

Traditionally shola pith products have been used for decorating Hindu idols and creating the headgear of brides and grooms for a traditional Bengali wedding. Shola pith handicrafts have found a wider application in home decor such as Hindu gods and artistic objects

Can be used as a hair ornament during festivals or decorate your  place of worship 


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