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Dhokra metal craft brass Dragonfly - Set of 2

Dhokra metal craft brass Dragonfly - Set of 2

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5" x 3.5" (Width x Height)


Bell metal, an alloy of nickel, brass and zinc.


0.2 Kg


Dhokra metal craft brass Dragonfly - Set of 2

Set of two hand-cast dragonfly made using the traditional dhokra metal craft; both dragonfly with angled wings.

Dhokra metal craft is an ancient craft that uses the lost-wax casting technique. Dhokra metal craft is primarily from three regions: West Bengal, Odisha and Jharkhand. 

Each dragonfly goes through several stages of making.

  1. First, blocks of wax are hand-moulded into shape, and decorations added using wax threads.
  2. The shape is then carefully covered with layers of clay, taking the form of the wax on the inside.
  3. The clay is baked, during which the wax melts and drains away, leaving a mould (a hollow within the clay).
  4. The mould is then filled with molten metal, which takes the shape that the wax left behind.
  5. The clay is then chipped off and the dragonfly is polished and finished.

Each of these needs to be made separately, and will never be exactly the same as the others. This is the mark of a true handmade item.

How to use them

These decorative dragonflies have been designed with a metal loop at the back so you can hang them on a nail or hook. Use them creatively as decor accents.

When you hang up these these, make sure that the nail is hammered close into the surface (i.e., the head of nail should protrude less than 1cm out of the wall). This allows the loop at the back sit snugly against the surface instead of dangling.

If you want a more permanent fix, you can use m-seal (an epoxy binding agent) or silicon glue to attach it to the nail.

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