Collection: Pichwai Plates

Pichwai decor plates, painted in the 400-year old traditional pichwai style of Rajasthan and Gujarat - a style that focuses on episodes in the life of Shrinathji (a version of Lord Krishna).

Our collection of pichwai plates is our signature range. We pioneered the concept of pichwai decor plates in 2016, and our artist has been refining the concept ever since. Today, pichwai plates have become immensely popular, allowing many other pichwai artists to also stay invested in their craft. But we believe a discerning eye can always tell if a pichwai wall plate is a Trove original.

Pichwai paintings are traditionally done on cloth, and were originally meant to be hung behind shrines of Lord Krishna. Today, our pichwai art plates let you decorate your home with a contemporary take on this beautiful art form.