Collection: Kerala Mural Painting

A collection of wall plates and other decor pieces, hand-painted in the traditional Kerala mural style

Our Kerala mural painting collection showcases traditional art style of Kerala. We’ve paired this traditional style with unconventional canvases and backgrounds to give them a more contemporary appeal. The result is a range of hand painted wall decor plates.

The Kerala mural style of painting developed between the 9th and 12th century CE, and was mainly used on temple and palace walls to depict scenes from Hindu mythology.

This style traditionally uses only red, green, yellow, black and white colours, though present-day artists sometimes use other colours as well. Mythological figures are usually given a colour according to their characteristics as described in the scriptures: satwik figures are coloured green; rajasik ones are coloured red or orange: and tamasik ones are coloured black or white.

If you’re looking to add some traditional decorative touches to your home, then this collection is a great place to start. And these unique items would even make memorable gifts for special occasions.

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