Collection: Hand-painted Enamelware

A collection of elegant and functional enamelware, hand-painted in the traditional Kashmiri papier-mâché style

Our Indian hand-painted enamelware collection is created by our artist from Kashmir, using motifs and designs on metalware that are traditionally done on papier-mâché. The result is elegantly painted enamelware that is both beautiful and functional.

Kashmiri-style hand-painted enamelware forms a large part of this collection, which features a range of products like tiffin carriers, spice boxes, storage containers and more. But a few items incorporate traditional patterns from other parts of India, too.

If you’re looking for gifts or homewares that aren’t just purely decorative, our hand-painted enamelware products would make great options. But please remember that, because they’re hand-painted, they do need a little extra care and TLC!