Collection: Printed Wall Covering Solutions

Since Hand-painted has been our forte, and we received so many requests for having walls painted on site. With a handful of skilled artists - this was something we could never cater to.

This range is therefore a by product of fulfilling that request . We have over time developed beautiful hand-painted motifs exclusively for this range - which are now incorporated into a composition for your walls. 

We understand the charm and uniqueness that hand-painted creations bring, which is why we have spared no effort in maintaining the authenticity of our artists' work even in print media. The utmost care has been taken to ensure that every detail, brushstroke, and color palette is faithfully reproduced.

We remain passionate about design and committed to delivering quality, even in print media. Therefore, we ask for your time and patience to provide you with something that you will admire in your home. 

We value our artists' contributions and have implemented a fair compensation system. In addition to paying them for design creation, we have an annual incentive model that shares a portion of the sale proceeds with them. This ensures their investment in the quality of the motifs they create and allows them to enjoy the benefits of their skill and collaboration with us.