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Terracota Figurine Contemplative Nayka "ন্যাকা" with Shadow Box Shelf

Terracota Figurine Contemplative Nayka "ন্যাকা" with Shadow Box Shelf

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Terracota Figurine 8 Inch approximately

Shadow Box Frame - H 10" x W 7" x D 2.5"  Inch


Terracota - (Fired Clay) 

Frame - Mango Wood 


1.4 Kg

Product Description

Terracota Figurine Contemplative Nayka "ন্যাকা" in Shadow Box Shelf

This product is inspired by Jamini Roy's depiction of a typical Bengali woman. To that we have added an element of Nayka-ness to these figurines.  The term called Nayka "ন্যাকা" in Bengali, is a colloquial term that doesn't have a direct equivalent in English, making it challenging to translate it quite literally. It's usually used to describe anyone who is exaggerated, playful, or just dramatic in their mannerisms.  

Because "nyaka" encompasses a range of playful and mischievous qualities, finding an exact English translation is difficult!

The artist has managed to capture essence of our brief so well! You will enjoy seeing them sitting on your bookshelves or desktop tables. Perhaps perched on a stand in your balcony amongst greens, or just dangling their legs off a box frame on a wall. It will add that element of drama that is desired from these two women contemplating women.  

The raw aesthetic of terracotta lends beautifully to the composition. The stance and the postures exaggerated. 

INSTALLATION - We recommend that these be affixed on the surfaces with the double tape at the base ( to be peeled off for sticking ) so they don’t accidentally fall off .  

Please note - that the actual colors may vary based on the screen resolution of your device. As per our experience, viewing the products on the desktop is usually more accurate to the actual colors.   

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