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Etched Tallapatachitra Frame - Red

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8" x 10" (Width x Height) 


Mango Wood frame with etched palm leaves 


0.25 Kg

Product Description

Etched Tallapatachitra Frame - Red

Tallapatachithra of Odisha are paintings etched on a string of palm leaves with a thin iron tip pen like instrument and thereafter highlighted with an ink made of the  lampblack or kohl. These palm-leaf illustrations tell stories from mythology and events in daily life.

The material is said to have a longer life than our regular paper and therefore these were used to maintain historical recordings. Its an art form that needs skill. Imagine inscribing with a stylus on the uneven surface of the palm leaves that too with a tool that's heavy and a certain amount of pressure required to create a line - let alone text and complex visual depictions of stories of the bygone era.

While, in the modern day context they are used mostly for decoration - we wanted to offer it a utilitarian product too 

These frames have been designed thoughtfully not only for you to enjoy the quality of the craftmanship - but they have in a way been capsuled into a wooden frame that will protect the edges from fraying - Having worked with this craft earlier -  we felt that this was very necessary for the product to withstand some use. Even though it added a lot the lead time to production. But we believe in crafts that are made thoughtfully  

 We do hope you enjoy this product as much as we enjoyed making them for you.  

use these to frame your precious photos - or just add a mirror. These make great wall décor additions to your home.  

Please note - that the actual colors may vary based on the screen resolution of your device. As per our experience, viewing the products on the desktop is usually  more accurate to the actual colors.  

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