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Trove Craft India

Set of 2 Mini Cherial Masks on Acrylic Frame

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Each frame is 5.5" x 6 " approximately (Width x Height)


Brown and Green - Set of 2 Mini Cherial  Masks


Traditional Cherial mix of tarmarind seed paste, rice starch, khadi cloth and white mud. Acrylic Frame with fabric  

Product Description

Set of 2 Mini Cherial  Masks on Acrylic Frame

This decorative Cheriyal wall masks are made using the cherial style's ancient mask making technique, which consists of an elaborate five-step process involving moulding, drying, decorating, smoothing and, finally, painting in the distinctive bright Cheriyal colours.

Comes with a loop attached at the back.

Use these for your home décor projects 

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