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Trove Craft India

Krishna wall decor plate in Kerala mural style

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9" (Diameter)


Hand-painted on particle wood/MDF

Product description

A 9-inch wall decor plate hand-painted in the Kerala mural style, featuring Lord Krishna, with lotuses in the background.

This decorative wall plate has been carefully designed and created using Trove's philosophy of combining traditional folk art with unusual canvases. The result, something that is both traditional and contemporary.

Comes with a hook at the back to be hung on the wall.

Being hand painted this product is unique in itself, and its tiny imperfections is what makes it special.

About the Kerala mural style

The Kerala mural style of painting developed between the 9th and 12th century CE, and was mainly used on temple and palace walls to depict scenes from Hindu mythology.

This style traditionally uses only red, green, yellow, black and white colours, though present-day artists sometimes use other colours as well. Mythological figures are usually given a colour according to their characteristics as described in the scriptures: satwik figures are coloured green; rajasik ones are coloured red or orange: and tamasik ones are coloured black or white.

Read more about Kerala mural painting on Wikipedia

Instructions for Care 

  • Wipe only using a soft damp cloth.
  • For decor purposes only

Timelines for dispatch

4 working days

Delivery Date

5 to 7 days from date of dispatch