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Trove Craft India

Hand painted Kalamkari tree of life-Stretch Framed

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26" x 32" (Width x Height)


Hand-painted on cotton fabric using natural colours.

Product Description

Stretch framed hand painted kalamkari fabric featuring the traditional tree of life (kalpavruksh) motif, painted in natural colours.

This piece was created by a group of women who are training to become full-fledged artists, under an initiative to create employment for disadvantaged women in rural Andhra Pradesh, many of whom live with HIV.

We've been thinking of creating a kalamkari range for a while now, and when we came across this initiative, we decided to give it a shot. Not only can we finally start showcasing this incredible art form, but we can do some good at the same time, too.

About kalamkari

Kalamkari translates as 'pen craft', and is traditionally done on cotton fabric using a wooden stylus or brush and colours extracted from plants and minerals.

Each piece of cotton fabric goes through a number of steps before it can be painted on:

  • The fabric is first soaked in a mixture of water and cow dung that acts as a natural bleach
  • It is then rinsed in running water, usually a river, and then dried in the sun
  • It is further treated with a mixture of buffalo milk and myrobalan (Indian gooseberry), which gives it an off-white shade and helps fix the colours.
  • Once the fabric is completely dry, the dyes are applied.
  • It can take up to 20 days to create a single piece of kalamkari art.

 Read more about kalamkari on Wikipedia.

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