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Trove Craft India

Grey Kamdhenu cow statue with yellow ornate drape

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13" length (ear to tail) x 9" height (hoof to horn)


Composite of resin, marble dust and fiber.

Product Description

Grey Kamdhenu cow statue with yellow ornate drape

A grey Kamdhenu cow statue, mould-cast using a combination of resin, marble dust and fiber, with a stone finish and blue ornate drape. A Trove Craft original.

The original for this Kamdhenu cow statue was carefully designed and hand-made by a traditional clay artist, with whom we coordinated closely to make sure the stance and proportions were perfect. When it was ready, it was used to make the moulds from which this and other other Kamadhenu statues have been made.

While the product itself is mould-cast, we believe it still counts as hand-made because of the care taken to create the original clay model; because parts of the statue need to be cast separately and then joined together by hand; the jewellery and other details are added by hand once the statue is assembled and the ornate is hand painted by our artists.

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