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Trove Craft India

Set of 4 Dhokra metal craft brass coasters, filigree and spiral style

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Each coaster is 3.5" in diameter


Bell metal, an alloy of nickel, brass and zinc.

Product Description

Set of 4 Dhokra metal craft brass coasters, filigree and spiral style

Set of four hand-cast coasters made using the traditional dokra metal craft; two in filigree work and two in compressed spirals.

Dokra metal craft is an ancient craft that uses the lost-wax casting technique. Dokra metal craft is primarily from three regions: West Bengal, Odisha and Jaharkhand. 

Each coaster goes through several stages of making.

  1. First, blocks of wax are hand-moulded into shape, and decorations added using wax threads.
  2. The shape is then carefully covered with layers of clay, taking the form of the wax on the inside.
  3. The clay is baked, during which the wax melts and drains away, leaving a mould (a hollow within the clay).
  4. The mould is then filled with molten metal, which takes the shape that the wax left behind.
  5. The clay is then chipped off and the coaster is polished and finished.

Each coaster needs to be made separately, and will never be exactly the same as the others. This is the mark of a true handmade item.

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