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6 x 9 inch - Miniature Rasa Painting Radha-Krishna in jungle Night Scene

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Dimensions: 6"×9" (L X H) Inch


Natural Pigments & Arabic Gum on Resin Plate

Description : 

6 x 9 inch - Miniature Rasa Painting Radha-Krishna in jungle Night Scene

Explore the captivating world of Rasa Paintings, a unique form of Mewar miniature art originating from Udaipur, Rajasthan. These paintings convey emotional depth through intricate details on a small canvas.

The term "Rasa" refers to the emotional fulfillment evoked by the personalities, expressions, and situations depicted in the art. These paintings are traditionally done on larger canvases, but some artists in Udaipur create them in miniature size without compromising on the details. Using magnifying glasses, natural pigments, and Arabic Gum, they meticulously craft each stroke, and some paintings even feature real gold leaf work It can take up to 45 to 60 days for each painting depending on the details.

To fully appreciate the craftsmanship of this time-intensive art, one must experience the delight of holding these exquisite works in their hands.

Rasa Paintings are more than just art; they are cultural treasures and make valuable additions to any art collection.    

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    Instructions for Care:

    • Wipe only using a clean soft cloth.
    • For Décor purposes only

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