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Tholu puppets
Tholu art
Leather puppet
Shadow puppet

Set of 3 - Tholu puppets

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Dimensions: 10"

Material: Leather puppets (unframed)

No. of pieces: 3 (Ram, Sita and Hanuman)

Product Description

These puppets are painted on both sides, can be placed in any direction according to preference.

Tholu bommalata literally means "the dance of leather puppets" (tholu – "leather" and bommalata – "puppet dance")

This is a shadow puppet theatre tradition from the state of Andhra Pradesh. This ancient custom, which for centuries before radio, film, and television. 

The puppeteers who perform through the night and usually reenact various stories from Hindu epics. Ramayana & Mahabharata are popular tales they in act. 

Instructions for Care:

• Wipe only using a clean soft cloth.
• For Décor purposes only

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