Pichwai Scrolls – New Product Alert

About the Product


The approximate size of the scroll is 11″ X 9″.

Prices listed on the site will be including taxes and domestic standard shipping.

The actual painting is 5×7′, and that makes the work of art even more extraordinary for its size. The details packed into a size like that are incredible 🙂

We have used silk fabric to create a scroll that can be hung from the wall. Lots of clients had asked us, if we could take on framing. However this was as far as we could go to allow you to display it without worrying about framing it. But of course, you can also choose to frame it as you please as the over all frame is fabric.

flying cow 1

This range has gone through various stages of aesthetic improvements from the time that it was conceptualised. These have been by our talented Pichwai artists. When they arrived in Hyderabad, we went looking for scroll rods – and all we found were plastic rod ( used for wedding invites ! ) Determined not to use those, we found a craftman from Etikoppaka to make the rods with the lacquered ends – to our design. That took almost a month !

lotus swamp2Cowherd 2


Once the rods arrived – we went fabric hunting. Looking for colors to match the painting, I thought that it would be an easy task – but this was really the most challenging of task. I think I managed ok with whatever options were available ( Oh! we also got our hands on some nice handwoven local Ikat silk ! )We then had to look for someone who would tailor these 🙂 Luckily for us, we found a worthy partner. An NGO that works towards creating employment for women agreed to take this on ! They also agreed to make the flower tassels with left over fabric scraps. This was a last minute request – so sampling – color selection took yet another week !I think conceptualisation is the easy bit. Bringing your concept to life is what take time and effort, however its all worth it see the final results! So, given that these took so long to get done, its unlikely we will do these again anytime soon !

We wanted to get these to you before Diwali – and I think we met those deadlines.We have only 20 of these scrolls – and these will be available for sale only through our online event.

The link for purchase


will go live on the said date and time ! So please register for the event and Block your calendars !

NOTE For International buyers – Please purchase the product with an Indian state code, to check out. Email us your purchase details –  for an estimate for shipping to your country – which would need to be paid separately.
If you have any questions – do email us on trovediscover@gmail.com