We’re Trove, and we’re bringing hand-painted back

Trove is a modest design studio that aims to create unique, elegant gifting concepts with an ethnic flavour.

One of our popular in-house ranges is hand-painted steel ware & wooden home decor.

We attempt to make stainless steel stylish—while, at the same time, offering an alternative to plastic—and turn everyday products into beautiful items that can make unique gifts for any occasion. Our steel ware products are positioned as items that can be used for everyday storage, or even as packaging concepts.

We employ rural folk artists in other states to paint on a wooden based canvas based on the designs we develop, and contribute to both their livelihood and the survival of their art form.

Trove currently based out of Hyderabad and however works and seeks to employ artists across different states. We work on a compensation model through which artists are paid based on quantities produced and design detailing. We believe this keeps our artists motivated and enthusiastic, and never underpay them just so we can offer more competitive prices.

We believe traditional handicraft styles are dying out. Our long-term goal is therefore to make traditional handmade products more contemporary and relevant, while still using traditional methods. Fortunately, many consumers today appreciate handmade products and their appeal over those that are commercially manufactured.