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How to order, and frequently asked questions (FAQs)

For all of you wonderful people who have been ordering from Trove for the last three years, I apologize that it’s taken this long to put this information together. But better late than never, as they say!

About our setup

Regardless of what it may seem like on social media, Trove is actually a very small setup (and deliberately so). We’re just a three-member team right now, and our artists work with us on a freelance basis. And even though we’ve grown over the last three years, we still aren’t a completely organized establishment. That’s because our focus has mainly been on design, and sales have—thankfully—happened on their own.

We’re working on making things a little more structured now, without taking away the freshness of our designs. So, we’ve started keeping a certain amount of stock for some products (things that were previously only made-to-order) based on their popularity.

Important: We don’t have a physical store at the moment. Our products can only be ordered online.

Our product ranges

1. Hand-painted steelware

Our hand-painted steelware products are created locally by Kashmiri artists. This gives us some flexibility in design and quantities, but also restricts us in terms of style (traditional artists sometimes struggle with unfamiliar styles, so we try and stick to what they’re good at).

Trove-3 copy.jpg

Ordering and timelines

You can order single or multiple pieces from this product range at any time by sending us a private message on our Facebook page, and orders will take around 12 days to dispatch (and a little longer to reach you, depending on the shipping time). Between October and January—usually a busy time for us—it may take a little longer. We can manage up to 150 units per month, so if you have a large order in mind, please give us lots of notice.

We do have some of these products in stock sometimes, so if you’re in a hurry, please check with us.

Payment terms

Payment will need to be made by bank transfer, with 50% paid in advance and the remaining, together with shipping charges, paid once the order is ready to dispatch.

2. Hand-painted decorative wooden homeware

Our hand-painted decorative wooden homeware products are created by artists in other parts of the country—mainly by folk artists in Rajasthan. For this range, we develop a fixed number of designs and then send the items to the artists to paint. Once painted, they are sent back to us for finishing.

collage plates copy.jpg

Ordering and timelines

We only sell these through limited-edition online sales, with products available only as long as stocks last. ( As you can imagine, given the long timelines and difficult logistics involved, we can’t take custom orders for these products—unless you’re ordering large quantities. Also we don’t usually repeat designs unless they are very popular.

If you wish t o be notified about these events, you can email us to put you on our list, so we may remind you.

Payment terms

These online events are done using a retail site, which lets you pay online (international cards sometimes run into problems, so if you’re having trouble placing your order with one of these, please get in touch with us).

3. Hand-painted Pichwai-style paintings on fabric

Our traditional Pichwai-style paintings on fabric are also created by our folk artists in Rajasthan, and can be sent to us by them together with shipments of decorative wooden homeware.

Ordering and timelines

To order a painting, you can either choose from the paintings we’ve done so far, or you can send us a picture of what you have in mind (Pichwai style only, please!) and the dimensions of the final product. We’ll then send you a quotation based on the work involved, and the estimated delivery time (usually around 45 days).


Payment terms

Payment will need to be made by bank transfer, with 50% paid in advance and the remaining, together with shipping charges, paid once the order is ready to dispatch.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. Where can I find the the prices of your products? Is there a catalogue?

For our steelware range, a catalogue of prices is only available for bulk buyers right now. Because our steelware products are mostly made to order, prices will vary depending on the time and effort involved.

If you’d like to check for the price of a particular order, please send us a private message on our Facebook page with the image of your choice, and we’ll respond as quick as we can.

For our wooden homeware range (our wall plates, coasters, name plates, boxes etc.), the prices will be listed only when inventory is in stock. To check what’s in stock under this category, click the ‘shop now’ button on our Facebook page.

2. What are the products that I can pre-order?

Based on demand, we have a started stocking a few steelware products that can be painted on request.

  1. Canister (200gm capacity)
  2. Spice box (Approx. 8” diameter)
  3. Butter dish (250gm and 500gm capacity)
  4. Pyramid tiffin carriers (two tier, three tier and four tier)

3. Where can I see all your designs?

For our steelware range, you can take a look at these photos on our Facebook page.

For our wooden homeware range, you will be able to see images during the specific sales event when they are in stock, and which will be published on the online link on our Facebook page. You can also see images of previous events on our page, but we don’t take orders on our old designs. Unless they’re popular, in which case we do another online event with them.

4. How do I know when your products are in stock?

For our steelware range, please send us a private message on our Facebook page and we’ll send you images of what’s in stock.

For our wooden homeware range, dates for the online sales event are published on our Facebook page and Instagram profile a week in advance. If you want to be notified about these sales events, send us an email on with the subject ‘Subscribe’ and we’ll add you to our mailing list. Don’t worry, no spam.

5. Can you paint designs from your wooden homeware range on your steelware items?

No, we deliberately don’t do that. Our product ranges are designed both with the ‘canvas’ and the style of art in mind, to ensure a certain end product. This also gives our artists—who all paint in different styles—equal employment opportunities to keep them motivated, and makes sure they don’t compete with each other.

6. Do you stock ? where do I see what’s in stock ? 

Yes, sometimes we do have some inventory. Not too much though. We list the inventory here –

7. How do you pay your artists?

Our artists aren’t paid a salary but are paid per unit instead (so a big part of what you pay for your product goes to them). This keeps them motivated, and helps us work with them on developing new designs—because they know that a popular new design means more income for them.

Of course, this increases the base cost of each item, but it allows us to experiment with designs knowing that our artists are also invested in the design process.

8. Can I be sure that my order will reach me in time?

We make sure to give a realistic estimated delivery time for all our orders. Unfortunately, with the complex logistics involved, it is sometimes impossible to avoid delays, especially when materials are being shipped across the country and back. However, we make sure we keep our clients informed whenever a it seems a delay might occur.

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